Zong Best Internet Packages of 2024

 Zong Internet Packages  2023

Zong offers a variety of internet packages to its customers, including daily, weekly, and monthly bundles, and prepaid and postpaid plans. Here are some of the popular Zong internet packages:

1. Daily Zong Packages: 2024

➡️ Zong Free Facebook: You can use zong free Facebook internet just turn on data and switch facebook free from Facebook app and enjoy free facebook without photos no need any subscription.

➡️ Zong Daily Basic: 100MB 4G internet for 24 hours at PKR 23.

To subscribe dial *6464#.
To check remaining data dial *102#.

➡️ Zong Daytime Offer: 1200MB 4G internet data for 1 day (4am to 7pm) at PKR 16.

To SubscribeThis offer: SMS “dto” to 6464. 

➡️ Daily Data Max Offer: 1 GB 4G data just in  PKR. 
To subscribe dial *6464#.
To check remaining data dial *102#.

➡️ Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package: Get 2500 MB data 1 AM to 9AM for 23 PKR. 

2. Weekly Zong Packages: 2024

➡️ Zong Super Weekly Max: Get 20 GB data 5000 onnet and 100 off net minutes and 5000 sms.

➡️ Zong Super Weekly: 4 GB data for 7 days at PKR 200.

To subscribe dial *6464#.

To check remaining data dial *102#.

➡️ Zong Super Weekly Plus: 8 GB data unlimted free minutes for zong to zong 60 minutes to other networks and unlimited free sms for 7 days at PKR 290.

To subscribe dial *20#.

To check remaining data dial *102#.

3. Monthly Zong Packages: 2024

➡️ Monthly Pro Plus Data: 60 GB internet with 10000 onnet and 200 offnet minutes only in 1350 PKR.

Dial *7088# yo subscribe this offer.

To check remaining data dial *102#.

➡️ Zong Monthly Mini 150: 150 MB 4G internet for 30 days at PKR 50.

➡️ Zong Monthly Basic 500: 500 MB data for 30 days at PKR 150.

➡️ Zong Monthly Premium 30 GB: 25 GB data + 5 GB WhatsApp for 30 days at PKR 1,500.

Get these all packages dial *6464#.

4. How To Get Zong Free Internet 2024

Zong providing free internet to his users but this offer is not for everyone you can try this if you are eligible then you can get free internet, free minutes and free sms for 2 months.

Dial *2244# get free internet and enjoy.

Dial *102# to check remaining mbs free minutes and sms.

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