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 Umro Or Urran Gadha

Umro Ayyar is a famous character and you will definitely like this adventurous story. Umro's adventures will include a magical donkey which will make the story more interesting.

Umro or uran gadha

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Book Size: 1.32 MB
Book Writer: Mazhar Kaleem MA
Pages: 16
Series: Umro Ayyar
Posted By: Pakurdulabs

Story Line Of Umro Or Uran Gadha

Khawaja Umro was passing through Rawat, a border town of Syria country on a donkey, when suddenly four horsemen stopped near him while running.  Because the king of Syria had decreed that no one could ride a horse in Syria except the king and the royal army.  That is why even the greatest nobleman did not ride a horse there.  Therefore donkeys were used for riding there.  When Khawaja Umro reached Syria, he also had to ride a donkey there and even then he was going to meet a man riding a donkey.
 The horsemen came close to him and stopped.  Khawaja Umro understood that these could be the riders of the royal army, so he also stopped the donkey.  who are you?  Where did you come from?” A horseman addressed Umro Ayyar in a very stern tone and said, "My name is Khawaja Umro and I come from an Islamic country." Umro replied.

 "You look like a bandit to us. So let's go and you will be presented before the king."

 The same horseman said in a more stern tone than before, "Okay, what do I mind, let's go."  Khwaja Umro was happy on the contrary. He wanted to be presented to the king because he was sure that the king would respect him more when he knew about him. That's why Umro actually went with them willingly.

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