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 Jazz 24 Hours Packages 

If you use the internet and want to know the 24 hours daily packages of Jazz then it is very easy here you will get the details of all the daily Jazz packages that you want to know here the details of all the daily packages are given. Daily packages can be subscribe by reading this article in full.

All Jazz daily packages are different some packages are not for 24 hours they are just for 12 hours and after 12 hours you can not use them some packages are for specific time at that time can be used and other than that time they are not usable so we will only talk about those packages which are daily packages and are for 24 hours.

Jazz 24 Hours Daily Packages List

1. Daily YouTube & Social
2. Daily Extreme
3. Daily Facebook Offer
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Jazz 12 Hours Daily Packages List

1. Daily Instagram & Threads
2. Daily SnapChat
3. Daily Tiktok
4. Daily YouTube
5. Daily Facebook
6. Daily WhatsApp

Details Of All Jazz 24 Hours Daily Packages

1. Daily Youtube & Social

Get 1.5 GB data for 24 hours price of this data is 27 Rupees. To subscribe dial *968#.

2. Daily Extreme

Get 2 GB data for 24 Hours (valid 12AM to 12PM). Price of this package is 35 Rupees. To subscribe dial *757#.

3. Daily Facebook Offer

Get 500MB data for 7 Rupees to subscribe dial *114*5#.

Details Of All Jazz 12 Hours Daily Packages

1. Daily Instagram & Threads

Get 400MB Instagram and thread data plus 100 MB flat data also total 500 MB data in 6 rupees. To subscribe use jazzcash app or jazzworld app.

2. Daily SnapChat

Get 400 MB plus 100MB flat data just in 1 rupee. To subscribe use jazzcash or jazzworld app or dial *117*4#.

3. Daily Tiktok

Get 100MB flat data plus 400MB Tiktok data just in 1 rupee dial *117*7# to subscribe this package. 

4. Daily YouTube

Get 500MB data for 1 rupee to grab this amazing offer dial *968# or use Jazzcash or Jazzworld app. 

5. Daily Facebook

Get 500MB for Facebook just in 5 rupees dial *455# or use Jazzcash or Jazzworld app to get this offer. 

6. Daily WhatsApp

Get 65MB data for 1.5 rupee dial *225*2# and to get 10 MB whatsapp data plus 1800 sms use Jazzworld or Jazzcash app.

Additional Jazz Packages 

Tiktok package jazz code

Here is the tiktok package jazz code
NameDaily Smart TikTok Offer
Package Validity1 Day for 24 Hours
Package PriceRupees. 5 Including taxes
Balance neededRupees. 7 PKR
Data30 MB 
Subscription Code(*114*5#) 
MBs Check code(*114*5*2#) 
Unsubscribe Code(*114*5*4#) 
Information Code(*114*5*3#) 
These are the all Jazz daily 24 hours and 12 hours packages. 

To Get Jazz Super Ghanta offer dial *638# and to check status dial *638*2#.

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